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Chesslyn Ernst – Writer

Chesslyn is a Christ-follower with a love for the Lord, her family, and friends. She spends her limited free time cuddling her dog, watching anime, or going out for much needed coffee. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves strawberry milk.

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An Author’s Origin Story

Chesslyn Ernst – known as “Chess” in the duo’s title – is the eldest of her siblings and the author of the up-and-coming work, The Bohemian Trials. She has been obsessed with literature ever since she checked out her first mystery novel at 10 years old, and, three years following, she developed a passion for writing as she attempted to write her very first novel. 300 pages and a severe case of writer’s block later, she knew she was hooked…and that her first project was not one meant to see the light of day.

Over the last decade, Chesslyn has been writing whenever the opportunity arises, and she experienced her first wave of readers with the publishing of a fan fiction on Wattpad – something she never thought would have started her following. Today, she spends hours upon hours working on projects with her sister, from The Bohemian Trials to other side works that she intends to share with the world. Her favorite genres to write – and those which she plans to share – are dystopian and horror, though she does not mind adding a splash of romance here and there.

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